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3. If all the world is a stage... where is the audience?

PLAYDAY 2014: Top 5 Unanswerable Questions

Competition open 10 February to 25 February 2014

7 answers


All of us are our own

Peter005's picture
Peter005, 5 years ago

All of us are our own audiences.

We like to watch each other succeed and fail.

We are all on a journey both physically, emotionally and spirtually.


At times we concentrate too much on others as we try to be something we're not, we lose track of who we are truely.

If we're all acting to be something we are not, we're all missing out on fabulous show because the world is simply an oyster fostering our pearl.

It's a meta-play (or

Wilson's picture
Wilson, 5 years ago

It's a meta-play (or metatheatre) on a meta-stage where the people are both the audience and the actors/actresses.

Either that or it's the Matrix, which means the machines are the audience...

the audience are in the sky -

Kristian's picture
Kristian, 5 years ago

the audience are in the sky - the sun that sets and shines every single day, the stars that twinkles and sometimes fall, the moon that lights up the sky and the world or the stage so to speak. Hence, man can be compared to the sun, stars and moon. They come and go, but they always come back.

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