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Unable to download a full-text e-book

I would like to download "Business intelligence in the digital economy opportunities, limitations, and risks" (ISBN13 9781591402060). This is listed in the UTS Library Catalogue as an Electronic Resource, and the hyperlink (https://www-igi-global-com.ezproxy.lib.uts.edu.au/gateway/book/117) takes me to the IGI Global website.

However, when I click on the "Full-Book Download" button, I get the message "This feature is only available for users logged into their individual account. An individual account allows you to download full-book and full-issues, save search results, and purchase "Your Copy" titles.", even though "University of Technology Sydney - UTS" is showing at the top right.

Please assist me in downloading this e-book - thanks in advance!

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Hi David

Meijun's picture
Meijun, 1 year ago

Hi David

For IGI ebooks, you can download book chapters freely without individual acount (one chapter at once). If you want to download the full-book, then you need to create an account. You don't need to pay for the book, but need an account.

You can register your account from the IGI Global database webpage or just follow the "Login or Create an Account" link after you click the "Full-Book Download" button.

Hope this helps,


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