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it wants me to input a product key during installation, i have followed the instructions several times and restarted the PC.

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Hi Judalene

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Patrick, 1 year ago

Hi Judalene

are you installing on a PC? The installation file that you donwloaded from our website is a zip file that needs to be extracted before you start installing. You can do this by moving the zip file (it might be in your downloads folder) onto your desktop. Then, right click on the file on your desktop and choose "Extract all .." and "Extract". A new folder called EndNote X8 will be created on your desktop. Open this folder (it might open automatically) and then open the folder inside called EndNote. Finally, click on the ENX8.inst file to start installing. You must do this from the new, extracted folder, and not from within the downloaded, zip file. You should not then be asked for a product key.



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