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My endnote online library does not sync with my desktop library.

I am unable to sync my desktop and Endnote online libraries.

An error message is displayed "Your roaming access has expired and therefore you will not see Web of Science and Full Text links and you will not be able to search Web of Science. Please login from your institution to reactivate roaming."

I've logged in from a UTS computer today and the message is the same. Also, I would like to change the library that is synced to endnote online. I presume only one library is permitted?


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Hi Julie

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Patrick, 10 months ago

Hi Julie

this message happens from time to time, usually if you have not used EndNote online from an on-campus location for a while.

You just need to be on UTS campus, then open and sign into the Web of Science database (you'll see the Sign In option in the top right corner of the Web of Science main page) using your EndNote Online email and password. But you must do this from within UTS campus. If you can't get to the campus, you'll need to contact a colleague at UTS, get them to open Web of Science (they can use their own login details to do this) and then sign in to the database using your EndNote online login details.

This should reactivate your Web of Science roaming and also your EndNote Online access.

As for syncing different libraries, you can only have one EndNote Online account, but you can sync it to a new library by opening that new (desktop) library and putting your EndNote online details into its Sync area. The new desktop library will then be synced to the EndNote online library.

Hope this helps


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