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What data visualisation programs can I use to show the content of my research bibliography?



I am writing a literature review, and I need to format my ideas to show what the key terms and ideas are, and how this is shown through my chosen bibliography. What tools can I use to show this? AIDA at tu delft is an example of the type of software I am looking for.



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Hi Amy, 

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Hossain, 1 year ago

Hi Amy, 


Apologies for the delay in replying. I am not aware of a tool that would do that. But, I will ask around and get back to you if I find anything. 




Hi Hossaon, 

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Amy, 1 year ago

Hi Hossaon, 


Thanks for your reply. I have chosen to rely on a web based tool (http://voyant-tools.org/?view=ScatterPlot), after much searching through the dirt directory (https://dirtdirectory.org/). it allows me to visulaise relative/raw frequency of term use without any great scripting skills. The only downfall is that it only takes input of digital texts, and can't generate information from the database records of my physical texts. Can you recomend anything that might have this capability? An example is the closed source TU Delft tool AIDA (http://aida.tudelft.nl/).




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