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Online newspaper - published date or updated date?


I want to reference this online newspaper article but it has two dates - an updated date and published date. Under UTS Harvard referencing, which date should I included in my reference list?


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Hi Brooke,

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Steven, 1 year ago

Hi Brooke,

sometimes, with a website, it can be hard to know if a later date indicates that the content of the page has really been updated (and in a sense republished) or if it just means something trivial and perhaps technical has occured. In this case it is clear that it was originally published on 15 December 2014 and then updated on the following day, 16 December 2014. I think this probably indicates that there was a significant change to the content of the page made by the journalist. And as you viewed the version made available on the 16th I think you should use that as the publication date,



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