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Question about Stash

I would like some more information about the Data Mangement workshop advertised for 12th June. I am looking for a research page or link to 'Stash' or a name of someone that can help me understand what that is, and how to use it since it is a pre-requisite for this workshop.  Thank you, Sonja Dawson PhD candidate

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Hi Sonja,

Liz's picture
Liz, 2 years ago

Hi Sonja,

Stash actually has a function to help you publish research data. If you have used it to create a data management plan, you can reuse some of that information when you go to publish your research data. Alternatively, you can create a "dataset description record" without having completed a research data management plan. 

kind regards,


Hi Sonja,

Rosie's picture
Rosie, 2 years ago

Hi Sonja,

Did you want to come into the library for a one-on-one data consultation? If so, email me at rosie.glynn@uts.edu.au and we can set up a a time.

Stash is our research data management planning tool and won't be covered in that class but we will be running sessions later on this year if you prefer a classroom format.

Please let me know if you have further questions.



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