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More than one paragraph, how to write the in-text, Harvard style?

It is a website. I want to quote first and third paragraphs of this website. I am thinking that you go and put a semi-colon between 1 and 3, so that it reads para. 1;3. Please confirm. 

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HI Dr Pinheiro

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 1 year ago

Hi Dr Pinheiro

in Harvard UTS, when referencing non-consecutive pages in in-text references for quotes, we just use a comma, so I think the same would apply to non-consecutive paragraphs. That is, for example, (UTS Library 2018, para. 1, 3).

However this type of construction implies that the information you are quoting goes across two non-consecutive paragraphs, which while not uncommon with pages (eg in a magazine), with paragraphs this seems unlikely. You might want to separate them out and reference the two paragraphs in separate places - (UTS Library 2018, para. 1) and later (UTS Library 2018, para. 3) - depending on what you are trying to say.

Hope this helps,


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