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How to reference a PDF infographic


For my Digital Communities assessment, I've been told to reference industry websites and blogs on social media. I've found this useful infographic but I'm not sure how to reference it. There is a brief summary on this web page but the info I want to reference is in the PDF (accessed via 'download the PDF' on the page) - https://www.spredfast.com/social-media-tips/social-media-demographics-current

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Hi there,

Librarian Sean Riley's picture
Librarian Sean Riley, 8 months ago

Hi there,

Almost anything with a publicly accessible URL can be treated as a webpage easily enough. I'm honestly not sure what on the webpage you're looking at is different to the PDF (The web page and PDF are identical to my eye) butin this case the URL https://www.spredfast.com/sites/default/files/resources/2018-Social-Media-Demographics--Spredfast.pdf links directly to the file neatly, so while I'd suggest linking to the website, the PDF could be used. With that in mind, we can cite this as:

Spredfast 2018, 2018 Social Media Guide, viewed 2 June 2018, <https://www.spredfast.com/social-media-tips/social-media-demographics-current>

If required, simply swap the URL for the PDF. The rest of the citation would be identical.

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