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Booking rooms that are not on the room bookings site

I work in the student enquiry team and we sometimes get students approach us asking about booking rooms that are not on the room bookings site. We had an example yesterday which was room CB1.04.110 which is an experimental learning studio. The room hire team advised that it is a specialist space and therefore has to be booked directly through their academic.

Are you able to provide any more information on similar spaces and what would be the best advice to give to students looking to book a room that doesn't appear on the room bookings site? Is it only specialist spaces sucj as this experimental learning studio which are not included or are there other types of rooms not available to book?





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Hi Matt,

Helen Chan's picture
Helen Chan, 1 year ago

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the question which I've forwarded to a colleague that was involved in setting up room bookings.

My understanding is that several of the faculties requested that their rooms be added to our booking system. Only rooms that can be booked by all students were added, and any specialist spaces were left out as they might have special booking requirements that need to be managed by the faculty / unit. 

My colleague will be in touch with more details.

Kind regards,

Helen Chan
Information Services Librarian

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