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Limit to digital readings and options available.

Hi there,

I have a recommended textbook for my subject, but was wondering what the rules are on having Chapters made available digitally to the students? Is there a limit to 1 Chapter? If so, are there any other options besides purchasing the text book? I would like them to read 8 of the Chapters in the book. 

Is there an option to make a compendium of readings to go with the subject manual?

I also have a few journal articles that I would like to provide the students for their assignments. What is the best way of making the pdfs available?

Thank you,


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Hi Katherina, 

Indra's picture
Indra, 1 year ago

Hi Katherina, 

It sounds like you are an academic at UTS and would like to know more about facilitating the best resources to your students. We would love to help you at the Library!

I'm happy to organise a one on one consultation with your faculty Librarian. If you would like to email me, indra.mckie@uts.edu.au, with your faculty name, I will pass that on to the Librarian who can answer this best for you. During this consultation we can look at the exact texts you wish to share and the best way to get them to the students through the Library. 


- Indra

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