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After borrowing for 2 hours, can we take the book for printing from the open reserve?

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If a book is in Open reserve

Danielle's picture
Danielle, 2 years ago

If you have borrowed a book from Open reserve then yes you can take that book out of the library for the 2 hour loan period. You will just need to return it via the self check machine in open reserve as normal.

Yes there is a printer in

Seraphina Goldsmith's picture
Seraphina Goldsmith, 2 years ago

Yes there is a printer in Open Reserve that you can use. It would be best to do the printing while you have the booked checked out.

Actually I have to print a

Anushree's picture
Anushree, 2 years ago

Actually I have to print a lot of pages(4 to 5 chapters)  and I don't think that would be possible in the library. Which is why I was confused whether it is okay if take the book to the nearest printing shop during the two hours. Because der is only one copy available and that too in the open access. ☺️

Hi Anushree

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 2 years ago

Hi Anushree

you need to be careful copying parts of a book. Copyright law in Australia states that you are only permitted to copy one chapter of a book, or 10%, whichever is greater.



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