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Access to Scival


I am trying without success to access SciVal. I have access to scopus and Sciencedirect without problem but the system doesn't accept my credentials. the SCival website says that they should be the same as scopus. i have tried requesting a new password without success

Any advice ?

thank you


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HI Valery

Meijun's picture
Meijun, 8 months ago

HI Valery

You can access to Scopus and SD directly after you log in with your UTS ID and password, but you need register your account to use SciVal.

To access SciVal, log in to the SciVal homepage first with your UTS ID and password via the library website at


If you already have Scopus/SD personal account, you can sign in with this account.


If you do not have your Elsevier credentials, set up an account by click on Register Now.

Hope this helps,


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