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Recal Notice

Hi, I have received an email from library that says I need to return the book that I borrowed a few days ago. The name of the book is Organisation theory : concepts and cases. I am currently using this book to complete my assignment and exam. Is there any chance to stretch the borrowing time. CALL NO: 658.00994 ROBB (ED.5)

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Hi Mohammad,

Librarian Sean Riley's picture
Librarian Sean Riley, 6 months ago

Hi Mohammad,

No. Once a recall notice is issued, that is final. It needs to come back in the time frame specified in the recall notice.


Angel's picture
Angel, 6 months ago



I was wondering if I am accumulating fines for each day will the Fine just continue to increase. Only thing is I am worried about a book I borrowed because It is a 7 day Loan and Has been recalled.


Librarian Ashley's picture
Librarian Ashley, 6 months ago


When a book is recalled by another client it is given a new due date. Fines will apply for all overdue items and if recalled items are returned after the new due date, the fine will be double the original fine amount per day. Here is some more information about recalled items and fine charges. Given your title is a 7 day loan, I would strongly encourage you to bring back the item as soon as possible. You can place a hold on another copy in the library, or try BONUS+ for a copy from another University Library and collect it a few days later. 

Let me know if you need any further assistance. 


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