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Where can we find out about the new styles?

https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/help/referencing/endnote/download-referencing-styles mentions that:

The Harvard (UTS) style has been updated as of 29 June 2018. As part of this update the reference types for chart or table, dataset, film, artwork, pamphlet and patent have been created or revised.

I'd like to learn what has changed and make sure I'm using the current style; so I checked the Interactive Style Guide from https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/help/referencing/harvard-uts-referencing-guide but it doesn't seem to have been updated since 2015.

I also checked https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/help/referencing/harvard-uts-referencing-guide/more-information but it doesn't seem to have been updated since April 2018.

Where can we find out more about these changes?

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Hi James,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 1 year ago

Hi James,

The interactive guide we're planning on redoing later in the Spring of 2018, to reflect some of the new reference types we've created. But in the meanwhile these are the newer reference types that we've added to our referencing pages generally (not more information but in places like other sources mainly, but also website and sound film and image). 

The new or updated reference types in our referencing guides that you can create with Harvard UTS 2018 are:
Film or broadcast
Google Earth/Maps
Monument or Plaque
Radio program
Religious texts
TV program

We've then made corresponding information on how to key these into EndNote to make matching references on this page -

In terms of the reference types in EndNote that we created or edited templates for we've done:

Generic - used for Instagram and Facebook
Computer program - used for app and software
Dataset - used for dataset
Film or broadcast - used for film or broadcast, radio program and tv program
Music - used for album
Patent - used for patent
Podcast - used for podcast

(The other new reference types use traditional templates in EndNote like book, web page and electronic article.)

I hope this helps, but do let me know if you have any further questions,

David Litting

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A great question James - the

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 1 year ago

A great question James - the lady who created our csl file is Meijun Huang - I'll talk to her and see what the feasibility of this is as I don't know much about the way the csl editor works (EndNote has it's own style editor and I really only know about that).

I'll ask her and then maybe she can post to this thread about it...


Thanks for that comprehensive

James Polley's picture
James Polley, 1 year ago

Thanks for that comprehensive answer :)

Are there plans to provide the new formats as CSL also? I use Zotero rather than Endnote

(I think the answer is "We generally rely on volunteers to convert these to other formats. Patches accepted!" ;) )

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