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EndNote can not be downloaded.

The endnote link of Hi on uts seems to be invalid. I cannot download it. Can you find out the problem?

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Hi Yuliang,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 1 year ago

Hi Yuliang,

Which version of EndNote are you having trouble downloading - the Mac or the PC version?



Hi David,

Yuliang's picture
Yuliang, 1 year ago

Hi David,

I having trouble download wit the MAC Version.


Hi Yuliang,

Hossain's picture
Hossain, 1 year ago

Hi Yuliang,

Sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. 

Do you get any error message while trying to install EndNote on your Mac?

It would be helpful to know exactly at what stage of the installation process you are experiencing problems.

Also, if possible, if you could bring your Macbook to the Research Help Desk at the Library that be would great. A Librarian can investigate the issue in more detail.



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