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Row G - alumni - database access

Hello, I don't think this has been answered already... I have recently signed up as alumni and I understand my remote access to DB is limited. However if I get my person in front a computer in row G does that give me access to all the articles that display as 'full text available'? e.g. this critter http://articles.lib.uts.edu.au/search?record_id=sciversesciencedirect_elsevierS0196-6553(81)80071-5&page=1

Kind regards Helen

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Hi Helen,

Hossain's picture
Hossain, 1 year ago

Hi Helen,


Thank you for your message.


UTS Alumni members have access to a range of databases and ebooks.


The ‘Find Articles’ search interface, on the other hand, will pull results from the entire range of databases that the Library has subscription to - and some of them may only be accessible to ‘current’ students and academics (due to contractual obligations).   


I had a look at that link you have shared above. The link is actually taking me to a very brief review of the study and not the study itself. We do not have access to the full text of the actual study in this particular case. 


Also, the review is stored in a database that is not open to alumni members and accessing it from the G row in the Library will produce the same result.


If you are researching in a general area or on a particular topic, please feel free to search 'within' the list of databases alumni members have access to.


If you have any question, please speak to a librarian when you are in the library next time.




Hi Hossain, thank you so much

Helen's picture
Helen, 1 year ago

Hi Hossain, thank you so much for your detailed and prompt reply, and for looking into that particular article. I am still pleased to have my UTS alumni access. However, since your reply I looked further afield and had the good fortune to track down my 1981 article online via NSW State Library databases. Thanks again until next time! Helen

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