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Published interviews and Endnote

I have many published interviews that require referencing. Some are journal and magazine interviews and others are published online. I am struggling to reference these through Endnote. After filling in the fields in Endnote (for an interview) the reference uses the interviewer as editor (ed). The reference list reference does not make it clear that it is an interview without me manually adding 'interview with' into the fields. I have images to explain, but cant seem to upload them here.

How do I reference these sources in Endnote and get the correct 'interview' reference?

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Hi Erin,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 1 year ago

Hi Erin,

If the things you are referencing come from journals and magazines then i would use those templates to create your references. I don't think we've customised the interview template in EndNote for use with Harvard UTS. If you've got a thorny article and would like me to have a go at transposing it into an EndNote reference send me the link or the article title and I'll give it a go.

As an aside it was only yesterday that I realized the Harvard UTS style had no provision for a viewed date/url for a newspaper or magazine article so if you want a magazine article with viewed date and URL try downloading the Harvard UTS style later today or tomorrow (the changes I've made to the download page haven't been approved by our webmaster as of the time of writing)




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