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Journal titles going into the Author field when downloading references from Google Scholar

Hi Dave, can you speak to this issue a bit for the benefit of all the lovely UTS people?

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I sure can Dave - the story

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 11 months ago

I sure can Dave - the story is this...

At the moment (Feb 2019) when you download a .enw reference from Google Scholar some of the information is ending up in the wrong place. For example, if I download a journal article reference from Google Scholar and look at it in the Harvard UTS style - the preview looks like this:

Bad Google Scholar reference




The reason for this is that the name of the journal is being accidentally assigned to the author field:


 Journal title in the author field

 To fix this you have to grab the name of the journal (Medical Education in this case) - and cut the text out of the author field and place it manually in the journal title field. You need to edit the reference in EndNote by double clicking on it to do this. When you do this, delete the %J as that will not serve any purpose. 

Hope this helps!


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