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How do I reference information that has been compiled from multiple (20 or more) sources, in-text?

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Hi John,

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D Litting, 1 year ago

Hi John,

This is a tricky one - as the literature our style is based on only provides an example for two authors in the same in-text citation, in which case they are separated by a semi colon. Theoretically there is nothing stopping you from having an in-text citation with 19 semi colons in it but from a writing workflow as well as an ease of reading point of view this might prove impractical. 

We have suggested solutions before where a superscript footnote has been provided in places where it's inconvenient to place multiple in-text citations, such as a table. The footnote then would contain the full explanation of the sources involved. If you needed to reference this large tranche of authors again, you could potentially refer the reader back to that footnote, or just repeat the process with another footnote - depending on how many times you need to invoke that citation.

If you'd like to discuss this further by all means contact me - david.litting@uts.edu or our referencing guru patrick.tooth@uts.edu.au



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