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hello, I want to ask how I can reference a booklet?

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Hi Eelan,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 6 months ago

Hi Eelan,

Just in case you wanted the Harvard UTS version of same,I would use either book or if you found the booklet online, website. We have a separate section for brochure and pamphlet in our guide but these use the book and website templates also.



Hi Eelan,

Christina's picture
Christina, 6 months ago

Hi Eelan,

According to APA 6th, reference components for brochure, fact sheet and pamphlet as following:

Digital booklet: "Author, A, A. (year). Title [Medium]. Retrieve from http://xxxx".

If it is a print booklet, please find this example: "Bazille, B. (1977). Flexible sculpture [Sculpture]. Canberra, ACT: National Gallery of Australia."

Detailed description, please according to The Curtin APA guide.



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