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RE: Referencing Question

Is the folowing reference to practice guidelines correct?

Australian Commonwealth Department of Health 2018 ‘Clinical Practice Guidelines: Pregnancy Care’  viewed 4 April 2019,<https://beta.health.gov.au/resources/pregnancy-care-guidelines

Many thanks


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Dear Jackie,

Suzanne's picture
Suzanne, 8 months ago

Dear Jackie,

Would you assist with this one as well.

SESLHD POLICY SESLHDPD/282, 2016, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Management Policy, viewed 2 April 2019, <URL>

Many thanks

Hi Suzanne,

Hossain's picture
Hossain, 8 months ago

Hi Suzanne,


There are different ways of referencing these government reports, but here is one way of doing it:

Author Year, Title, Publisher, Viewed date, <URL>.

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, SESLHD Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Management (GDM) policy, NSW Government, viewed 10 April 2019, <URL>.

You can follow the guidelines for 'Reports' to construct these references. These guidelines are not very prescriptive, as there are different types of reports.

But, as long as someone can understand what type of report you have cited by looking at your reference, and as long you haven't missed any obvious parts, then you are fine.

Hope this helps. 



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