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How do I reference a book which has only one author and the editor is same but it has different chapters and book title?

I am trying to a reference an online reading provided in uts online where there is only one author. That author is also an editor of that book. So I want to reference a chapter from that book and it has different chapter title and book title but author and editor is same. Do I need to repeat the same name after Chapter title and before book title or not needed?

Kind regards

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Hi Sapana,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 10 months ago

Hi Sapana,

There are two possibilities here - either the book is referenced as whole edited book or the book is referenced as a chapter in an edited book. Because your chapter has the author listed at the start I would assume that the book would be referenced as a chapter in an edited book. (If you want supply us with the book title and we can confirm this).

If you are referencing as a chapter in an edited book then you would be able to have the author and the editor being the same person.




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