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How to reference a direct quote?

Hello there, 

I would like some help to reference a quote by Val Saintsbury. 

The weblink to the quote is https://geriatricnursing.org/nurses-dispense-comfort-compassion-and-caring-without-even-a-prescription-val-saintsbury/ . 

I am not sure- if I should reference the quote as an image or as a website?

Who will be the author, in this case? Would it be Val Saintsbury or the Geatric Nursing? 

Also, how will I cite it in-text? 


I appreciate your response. 

Many thanks, 
Megha Sharma

2 answers


Hi Meijun, 

Megha's picture
Megha, 4 months ago

Hi Meijun, 

Thanks for the reply. It helps a lot. 


Megha Sharma

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