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What to do when using a quote that contains a reference?


If I quote something like the following:

...as described by Lock (2019, p. 23) "the current system is broken, we need to reform the sector to more resemble that of New Zealand whose policies have been found to be robust (Johns 2019) and fair". It appears....

What do I do about the "Johns" bit. It's not my reference it's Locks. Do I still include it in my quote (presume so)? Do I then also include it in my reference list?

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Hi Cli,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 10 months ago

Hi Cli,

A good question. I think that if you are using the Harvard UTS referencing style that you can present a quote in the way you have above (though you'd only need to use single quotes and not double if it was Harvard UTS). Because the citation is part of the quote, you wouldn't have to include it in your reference list, in fact if you haven't read Johns 2019 it's probably better not to. The reader should be able to determine that the Johns citation belongs to the person you are quoting and not to you.

There are other ways of approaching this in your writing if you want to do that - however these examples usually refer to a situation where you want to emphasise Johns' writing, rather than Lock's 


If you've got a follow up question don't hesitate to send it along..




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