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Repeated use of the same reference in one paragraph // using (or not) "ibid"?

Noting this answer here, but it was 6 years ago: https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/question/22901/i-have-heard-something-called-ibid-which-can-be-used-text-when-successively

I have a paragraph that refers to one reference multiple times in multiple sentences. How do I reference this without reusing, for example, "(Johns, 2018)" every sentence? The suggestion above said use page numbers, however, I thought that was limited to direct quotes? Is "ibid" still out?

Also, what if I have this scenario where I continue using the same author repeatedly but there is also others introduced too?

Sentence 1 (Johns 2018). Sentence 2 (Johns 2018, Abbot 2018). Sentence 3 (Johns 2018, Taylor 2012).


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Hi Cli,

Hossain's picture
Hossain, 8 months ago

Hi Cli,

Ibid is not used in the Harvard UTS Referencing style.

You are right that the page numbers are generally used in-text when quoting, but you can also mention page numbers when paraphrasing if you feel it will aid the reader. For repeated use of the same in-text referencing, you can use page numbers.

Your last example looks good, but make sure you use semicolons, not commas.

For more information, please see these guidelines:

Hope this helps.



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