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Change my grammarly associated email address

I would like to change the UTS email address associated with my grammarly account. I contacted grammarly support, they directed my query back to UTS. Any suggestions as to how to do this at UTS end? Is there a grammarly superuser grand vizaar anywhere at UTS that has the persmissions to change this for me?

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Hi Cli,

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Christina, 1 year ago

Hi Cli,

If you want to change the email address used for Grammarly account, the best way is deleting your old account and creating a new account with your prefer email account. Please make sure to access Grammarly via UTS Library catalogue.


Hi Christina,

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cli, 4 months ago

Hi Christina,

Advice from Grammarly is to have the UTS account administrator delete my account. I've emailed them and said this is not sensible considering i signed up with Grammarly. Who would the account administrator be at UTS?

FYI, grammarly have a dubious privacy policy and store a LOT of private data on their files this includes web based entries if you use their browser apps. I'll raise this via another 'question as it's slightly off topic!. Thanks


I see that your institution grants you access to Grammarly Premium via mystudentemail@student.uts.edu.au. Since you do not have any billing information on file, there's no "Subscription" tab to click in your Grammarly Editor to cancel your subscription.

If you still would like to delete your Premium Grammarly@edu account, please contact your account administrator for further instructions.

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