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Conventions in altering direct quotes

I often use a quote that needs altering. For example, there is superfolous sections or the tense needs adjusting to make it readable.

Eg 1.

'This is not to say that ABCD initiatives never involve individual capacity building... It is just that the'

Where '...' in the middle indicates I've deleted something.

Eg 2.

Similarly Gray (2011, p.10) argues it “gloss[es] over the structural inequalities that hamper personal and social development."

Here I deleted "glossing" and replaced with "gloss[es]". Am I doing this correctly? How else can I tweek (or not) direct quotes without misrepresenting the original author/s?


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Hi Cli,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 7 months ago

Hi Cli,

Generally you use square brackets to indicate you are changing an original quote, as you have done with gloss[es]. If you wish to omit words, use them too. Eg:

'capacity building [...] it is'

Hope this helps,



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