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How can I do the OPELA test?

This is the second time I have recevive an email saying that I didn't complete the OPELA test, which I have done before. Frist time was at the start of semester and was confirm afterward that I have completed. I replied email to opela@uts.edu.au this time but seems no one respond. The email said if I don't complete before 28 June I will get a fail for the subject, I planed to do the test again but I couldn't find it.


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Hi Yalan,

Rosie's picture
Rosie, 5 months ago

Hi Yalan,

Unfortunately the library doesn't have anything to do with the OPELA test. 

The best thing to do is contact your subject coorindator and the student enquiries number 1300 275 887 or visit the student help centre.

Apologies that we couldn't assist you further.


Kind Regards,


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