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In Harvard UTS style references should the dash between page numbers be a hyphen or an en dash or doesn't it matter so long as it is consistent?

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Hi Emma,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 12 months ago

Hi Emma,

What a corking question! I had never heard on an en dash before 10 minutes ago, but after consulting with the infamous Style Manual for Authors I can say that the guide does actually set out the use of an en dash between spans of numbers (p.177). 

That said, I would be amazed if anyone actually is aware of this rule and applies it. All of our referencing pages use a regular hyphen, and referencing software like EndNote also uses hyphens. So, if you are so moved, by all means do use an en dash (consistently) but it's not neccesary to do so.

Thanks for this entertaining query


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