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Try to find a journal article in a database but can't find it


I'm trying to find a journal article called "The colour treatment: A convergence of art and medicine at the red cross russell lea nerve home". I found this article on Google and it showed that the article is in JSTOR, so I try to access it through UTS's JSTOR database. But it doesn't matter which keyword I used, I just can't find it. Is it because UTS's JSTOR database only allows us to read limited numbers of articles and this one is not included? 




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Hi Songyan,

Steven's picture
Steven, 8 months ago

Hi Songyan,

it is true. We don't have access to that article through our subscriptions.

Here is the correct reference:

The Colour Treatment: A Convergence of Art and Medicine at the Red Cross Russell Lea Nerve Home.
Health and History [1442-1771] 2016 vol:18 iss:1 pg:5

You can request a copy of that article via InterLibrary Loans from this page: 


use the Article Request Form,



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