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Endnote 9

Hi. I am getting messages on my Mac when booting up Endnote 8.2 saying 8.2 will be incompatible with the upcoming Mac OS 10.15 and to upgrade to Endnote 9. What is the UTS policy on this? Has it been discussed as yet? The new mac OS is due for release this Spring.

Thanks David

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Hi David,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 10 months ago

Hi David,


From what we know from Clarivate it seems that this is to do with the new Mac OS not being compatible with 32 bit software such as older versions of EndNote. The Clarivate people offer two solutions to this

* Update to EndNote X9 and the latest patch available (not so bad for us as Endnote X9 is free here) - this should solve things (we're told)

* Keep EndNote X8 and don't update to Catalina.

There may be other innovative solutions offered down the road but that's what Clarivate have told us for now. As this is a thing between Clarivate (the makers of EndNote) and Apple there isn't much the Library can do other than relay their messages, which we will do later in August (as Catalina is not expected to be released until late in September at the earliest)

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions

David Litting

Hi David 

David's picture
David, 10 months ago

Hi David 

Thanks for that. So I would consider upgrading now, but I am always loathe to 'fix' somthing that ain't broken, if you know what I mean. I rely on Endnote, and it it unthinkable that something could be scrambled or fail outright as a consequeince of upgrading.

So the library has V9? Any feedback from Mac users so far on its relaiablity and what it may or may not do the the formatting of one's Endnote library?

Best David

Hi again David,

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D Litting, 9 months ago

Hi again David,

Yes the library/uni has access to V9 - you can download it here - https://itposhare.uts.edu.au/STUDENT/EndNote/Macintosh/

In terms of the reliability of V9 it seems not be ok once you download the patches for it, in most cases. Some folks have problems with write n cite - I think this problem is generally caused by having your Word documents on Icloud - if you want to decouple your documents from Icloud follow these instructions - https://www.crandon.com.au/endnote/faq/Mac_folders.html

As to your EndNote library it shouldn't be adversely effected by upgrading. 
For more information about the Catalina thing see this link if you haven't already


Do let me know if you have and follow up questions,



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