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I’m trying to find the quickest and easiest way to locate what’s recommended by the lecturer. If I search by subject code, it’ll only show me the list of text books and not other articles that I meant to read each week. (E.g., 90648)
I checked previous q & a bit couldn’t solve my problem.

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Hi Hiroko, 

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Jessie, 7 months ago

Hi Hiroko, 

As well as searching the library catalogue with the subject code, you can also try searching for your lecturer's name in the catalogue to see if this method finds any of your readings. Otherwise, it may be that the lecturer has not told the library of some of the recommended readings, which is why they are not appearing in the library catalogue as eReadings for your subject. You will need to speak to your lectuer about correcting this. 

You can still locate articles via the library by searching our databases, seaching the journals or book titles in the cataogue, or using the Find Articles tool to search by article title. 

Hope this helps!


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