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How to reference a news article with associated press as author?

Hi there,

How to reference corretly a news article which author is associated press. I have two expamles:

1. Associated press 2018, ‘After ‘monkey hoodie’ incident, H&M hires diversity leader’, Business of Fashion, 17 January, viewed 23 September 2019

2. Press association 2018, ‘H&M apologises over image of black child in ‘monkey’ hoodie’, The Guardian, 8 January, viewed 26 September 2019, 

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Hi Ekaterina, 

Alex's picture
Alex, 6 months ago

Hi Ekaterina, 

It looks like you have referenced both of those correctly, although make sure you include the URLs! 

I would also recommend looking for the original article on Associated Press, in which case you can reference the original author. Where possible, it's good to use the original source. 

Hope this is helpful!


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