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RefWork citation style update request

Hi librarian!

I've been using RefWorks for a year and I found that was really easy to use. However, recently I noticed some of the auto-generated reference list format is slightly different from the latest Harverd UTS 2019. In the RefWorks system I can only find UTS 2017 version.

I wrote to proquest to ask for the updating, but no one reply me. So could you guys contact them to request the update of UTS 2019 style?



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Hi Bowen,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 7 months ago

Hi Bowen,

It's actually the library that updates the Harvard UTS style for RefWorks - so let me talk to the lady who does that and ask when the RefWorks style was last updated.

When you say that some of the latest Harvard UTS style information doesn't come out in RefWorks can you let me know what reference types you are talking about, so we can get those fixed first?


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