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Referencing a Lecture Note


I am finding it difficult to find how to reference a lecture note in APA style in the guides. Can you please help. 

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Hi David,

Jagadish's picture
Jagadish, 7 months ago

Hi David,

Thanks you for your response.

It is a Handout written by the lecturer.


Hi Jagadish,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 7 months ago

Hi Jagadish,

The APA 6th has a few rules on lecture notes, and the APA 7th manual does too. However the kind of reference that gets created depends on exactly what the lecture notes are. Can you tell me whether the lecture notes are:
a) a powerpoint presentation
b) a page in UTS online
c) something your lecturer handed out in class
d) something your lecturer said in class
e) or something else?

Once I know that I'll be able to give you a sample reference.



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