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I was wondering whether the Scholar's Centre on Level 10 at UTS Building 1 is a silent space or not. The Resarcher's Centre in the old library was a silent space and quite conducive for studying. Lately, the Scholar's Centre has become very noisy and it would help if there are sign posts saying that no incessant talking is allowed. 




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Hi Seemantani,

Helen Chan's picture
Helen Chan, 9 months ago

Hi Seemantani,

Thank you for your question and suggestions.

The Scholar's Centre is a new space and the team that manages it are finalising the ways in which it can work most effectively for HDRs and also visiting scholars. Signage and additional facilities are being investigated and the space should be finalised by March this year.

In the interim, the Centre is designed for quiet work and has different zones to accommodate the needs of our researchers. If you require a silent space, please use any of the available meeting rooms.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these matters, we believe the finalised space will offer a good balance of services and facilities to support you in your work.

Kind regards,

Helen Chan

Information Services Librarian

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