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J.P. Naik Elementary Education in India: Unfinished Business

This book is held in the National Library of Australia.

Elementary education in India : the unfinished business

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627228 Book

Naik, J. P

London : Asia Pub. House, 1966 165p.

Dadabhai Naoroji memorial prize fund lecture ;

Education, Primary -- India.

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Hi Heather,

Hossain's picture
Hossain, 8 months ago

Hi Heather,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Naik, J. P. (1966). Elementary education in India: the unfinished business. Asia Publishing House.

You can request this book via InterLibrary Loans, and we will try to see if we can get it from another library (there is no guarantee on this though, but we will certainly try our best!).

There is a copy in the State Library of NSW. You can visit the State Library to browse the book, but given it’s in offsite storage, you will probably need to contact them before turning up.



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