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Can i borrow a book if I havent picked up my student ID card yet?

I wanted to come in early Monday to borrow a text, but I cant get to student services until later that day. 

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Hi Sheryl

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 3 months ago

Hi Sheryl

I've just checked, and if you have a student number and bring along some photo ID, we can check to see if you are in our system. If so, you will be able to borrow books from the library desk. To get into the library without a card, Security at the librray gates will also check to see if you are on the student database so if that works you should be fine to borrow as long as you also have the photo ID.



Dear Sheryl:

Wei C's picture
Wei C, 3 months ago

Dear Sheryl:

You can't borrow any books without your  student ID card.  Make sure you get your student ID card first.

Kind regards,


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