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Can EndNote be dowloaded on Linux?

Hi there,

I am using Linux on my computer and I was wondering if you have a link to download EndNote on Linux.




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Zotero works on linux, and

cli's picture
cli, 10 months ago

Zotero works on linux, and IMHO is superior to endnote.

FYI, Zotero is also open-source so conducive to the open source ethos of linux too.

Hi Gabriela,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 10 months ago

Hi Gabriela,

My understanding is that EndNote won't work on Linux machines, but that Zotero and Mendeley do. Zotero and Mendeley both can handle all the referencing styles used at UTS, so hopefully they will be of some use to you

If you have any questions about either let me know,



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