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Please cancelle this limmit of of 200MB data transfer per 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Staff,

I am quite angre about this limit!!! My account was suspended just now.

It happened just because I was trying to download a review paper.

Do you think this is fair?  

Do you know Chemical Review? It is a top review journal of chemistry and their publications are usually very big file. For example, the DOI of the paper I just want to download is: 10.1021/cr400327t.

It is a 71M file. It failed in loading for several times, then my account suspened.

It is not the first time it happens! I am really annoyed with this policy.

It suspend my account just beacuse of a paper downloading. 

It has bad influence on my research and made me unhappy.

Hope the library can change this limit.

May be it can be set as 500M. Or you can judge the account type.

This policy really shoudn't be used for HDR and staff.

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Dear Qiang,

Helen Chan's picture
Helen Chan, 10 months ago

Dear Qiang,

I am sorry this temporary suspension has interrupted your work, however, there a number of important reasons for why this system is in place. 

  • The 200 MB per 15 minutes applies to everyone at UTS that is accessing licenced resources such as databases and journals. There is no option in the ezproxy system to apply different limits to students, staff and HDRs.

  • This limit helps UTS comply with licence conditions from publishers like ACS; we may be blocked as an institution if they suspect mass downloading or other suspicious activity which contravenes their terms and conditions.

  • UTS takes user security seriously and we have such systems in place to help detect and manage compromised accounts.

If you have any further questions or feedback, please use our Comments and Suggestions form.

Kind regards,

Helen Chan
Information Services Librarian

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