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End Note X9 - Product Code needed

Hi, I updated to Mac OS catalina and am unable to use endnote x8. Ive used the UTS download link for the end note x9.3.2 but it required us to use a Product code. Was wondering if this code could be supplied thanks.

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Hi James,

Hossain's picture
Hossain, 1 month ago

Hi James,

You should not be asked for a product key. If you get asked for a product key, there was a problem with the downloading process.  

I had the same issue, and these are the steps I followed to resolve it: 

  • Update your macOS Catalina to version 10.15.4
  • Restart.
  • Delete EndNote x8 from your Applications folder. 
  • Empty Trash.
  • Delete EndNote x9 from your applications folder (and the associated DMG installation file). 
  • Empty Trash.
  • Perform a NVRAM/PRAM reset. Instructions here.
  • Perform a SMC reset. Instructions here.
  • Restart.
  • Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. Make sure that the radio button next to ‘Allow apps downloaded from - App store and identified developers’ is ticked.
  • Ensure all Microsoft Office applications are closed. 
  • Now go to UTS ITD EndNote Download site
  • Download the EndNoteX9.3.1SiteInstaller.dmg file
  • Drag the DMG file to your desktop.
  • Run the DMG file, and follow installation prompts. It shouldn't ask you for a product code.
  • Now go back to UTS ITD EndNote Download site
  • Download the EndNoteX931UpdateInstaller.zip file.
  • Open the Zip file and run the EndNote X9.3.1 Updater app.

Hope these troubleshooting steps work for you as well. 




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