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Citing a committee/inquiry that is still in progress (i.e. no report yet)?

How do I reference a committee/inquiry that is still in progress? For example, the Joint Select Committee on Australia's Family Law System is still underway, therefore does not fit into rule 7.1.2.

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Good question Inga- I think

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D Litting, 7 months ago

Good question Inga- I think what might be best in this situation is to let our law referencing expert take a look at this question. I'll send him to the link to it and then we can both learn the answer :)


Hi Inga

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Patrick, 7 months ago

Hi Inga

It depends on what you actually want to cite. If there is a publication or preliminary document, you would cite that in accordance with 7.1.2. If you just wanted to refer to the committee itself, without actually citing anything specific, I don't think you need a full reference. You might cite the Committee's home page, or their terms of referemce page, as a website, if you just want to refer to them as something that exists. If you want to refer to something that they might one day produce, which seems odd, you might be able to use 7.1.2, but instead of the full date you should use "in progress" or "ongoing" (I'm not sure quite what the right form of words would be here. In 5.11 which talks about journal articles the word "forthcoming" is recommended, and that might work here). So you might have:

Joint Select Committee on Australia's Family Law System, Parliament of Australia, Inquiry into Certain Matters (Final Report, forthcoming).

I just made that title up from the terms of reference, and there is the difficulty. What are you actually citing? If it doesn't exist yet, then should (or can) you cite it? I'd say not. So if you are not citing a document from this committee that actually exists, and just want to cite or refer the Committee itself, or some information about it, I'd cite one of their websites:




Or some other more relevant page.



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