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AGLC - Use of short titles following the first full citation

How do we use short titles following the first full citation?

i.e. I have said Civil Procedure Act ('CPA').

Then, when I go to say CPA in a sentence do I need to footnote the full title?

Do I need to italicise the word CPA in the text?

I can't find clear guidance anywere.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Andelain,

Hossain's picture
Hossain, 7 months ago

Hi Andelain,

The first time you mention this Act in the text of your essay, you should provide the full title before introducing the short title. For example:

Civil Procedures Act 2005 (NSW) (‘Civil Procedures Act’) provides a general framework for … 

Subsequent mentions in the text may then use short title. For example:

The Civil Procedures Act also prohibits …


Have a look at these two AGLC rules for more information:

  • Rule 1.4.4 - Short Titles (page 12, AGLC 4 guide)
  • Rule 3.5 - Short Title and Subsequent References (page 75, AGLC 4 guide)



The first footnote should look like this:

  1. Civil Procedures Act 2005 (NSW) (‘Civil Procedures Act’). 

 Or, if you have pinpoints:

  1. Civil Procedures Act 2005 (NSW) s 2 (‘Civil Procedures Act’). 


Subsequent Footnotes (non-consecutive)

           5.  Civil Procedures Act s (n 1). 

Or, if you have a different pinpoint:

           5.  Civil Procedures Act s (n 1) s 41A.

Section 1.4 (page 9, AGLC 4 Guide) has more detailed discussion on subsequent references. 


Whether or not you should footnote every time you mention the title (or ‘short title’) of this Act depends on the nature of your proposition/ argument you are making. Again, please have a look at rule 1.1.1 When to Footnote (page 1, AGLC 4 Guide)




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