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some function about library

Hello! How are you?

I remember that there are some classify on searching the book in library. such as ACM, IEEE and google acadmic. But now they are merged in library searching. Is the classify close? Can you plesae send some gudie video for me. Thank you!

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Hi Weijie

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 8 months ago

Hi Weijie

if you are looking for a specific book in the library catalogue, you can do your search as normal and then use the drop down menu on the right and change "Everything" to "Library catalogue".

Another way to search for material from ACM or IEEE, is to use the Find Databases link in the Quick Links section of our home page. Once you're in Find Databases, search for IEEE or ACM and then log in and search for what you need.

Here is a video that might help, also: https://learning.elucidat.com/course/5e55e733cbba7-5e5f28890c316



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