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APA style in-text & reference list for internal company policies



Can someone please assist with the correct way using APA style to reference unpublished internal company policies and procedures that are sourced from an internal company intranet. For both in-text reference and reference list please.


Also, is there a way to distinguish between all of the policies and procedures referred to in the in-text referencing?


Thank you in advance.

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Hi Hannah,

Alex's picture
Alex, 7 months ago

Hi Hannah,

When referencing resources found on a company intranet, you should use the referencing format that matches the resource. Then, instead of a source or a publisher name you would write the company name or the company name + intranet (e.g. UTS or UTS Intranet) and provide the URL for the intranet login. This is quite similar to section 6.01 in our guide, ‘lecture notes, slideshows or UTS online’.

This should be fine for a student assignment, but if your work was intended for a wider audience or publication to those who will not have access to these materials then you should cite these sources as ‘personal communications’.

As to your second question, your in-text citations for these obviously call on the authors name and the year of publication, so that will help distinguish them. If however, the author name and date is the same for some or all of them, you can distinguish them by including a lowercase letter after the date. This lowercase letter should be included for both the in-text reference as well as the reference list. There are examples and explanations of this in our guide in section 11.07 ‘Multiple works by the same author’.

Hopefully this clears it up for you, but please feel free to email me at alex.mcmanus@uts.edu.au if you have any further questions.



Hi Hannah,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 7 months ago

Hi Hannah,

There is guidance on company intranets in the paper APA manual, which my colleague Alex has at her home at the moment. I'll send her this question and get her to answer it for you. Shouldn't be long..



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