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When NOT to use 'above n'? (for repeated citations in non-consecutive footnotes)


Is there a part where we CANNOT use 'above n' (as per 4th AGLC edition) for any source? OR can it be used for all sources now? Thank you. 

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Hi Lennard,

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D Litting, 4 months ago

Hi Lennard,

I might get our legal experts to opine on this one for you. They'll be in touch asap.



Hi Lennard

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 4 months ago

Hi Lennard

The 4th edition of AGLC actually uses the format (n #) rather than above n# which was the format in AGLC3, where # is the earlier footnote number. In AGLC3 there were some types of references that did not use the above n format (eg cases & legislation). In AGLC4 this has changed, and now ALL types of references must use the (n #) format when repeated in non-consecutive footnotes. So the answers to your questions for AGLC4 are "no" there are no reference types where you do not use this format, and "yes" it should be used for all sources.

References without authors must now use a short title in those repeated footnotes, so for example a case Smith v Jones that was first cited in footnote 3, if cited in a later non-consecutive footnote would have the form Smith (n 3). The short titles are quite a complicated part of this rule, and there is a lot of info in the AGLC4 guide about them, starting with sections 1.4.1 and 1.4.4.



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