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How do I open my old Endnote library once I upgrade to Catalina


I just upgraded to Catalina. I then downloaded Endnote 9.3.1 from itposhare and successfully installed, except that now it says it can't convert my existing library to the new format. So I have an empty library boo hooo.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks




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Hi Harriet,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 6 months ago

Hi Harriet,

THis is a new one, at least for me - normally when you try and open a new library after upgrading to X9 it says 'i'm going to change the filetype of this library' - and then all is well. What you can try to do is to send or share with me me your EndNote Library (and the accompanying data folder if possible) - you can find me at david.litting@uts.edu.au - if I can open it and upgrade the library to the current format I'll then send it back to you.

If that doesn't work for you perhaps we can work out some other arrange,ent. I'm hopeful one way or another we can fix this one..



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