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Returning Overdue items with a Quoted Replacement Fee

Hi there,

I have found 3 library books at my workplace when cleaning out my desks and lockers (due to Covid clearout). And I was wanting to return these to the library. I wanted to ask if i do this, would this negate the replacement fees i have been quoted for these items?

Many thanks,


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Hi Phil,

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 3 months ago

Hi Phil,

Unfortunately, as stated in the Borrowing Policy - Fines and Replacement Costs, if you have received an invoice for replacement, this invoice must be paid in full (no partial payments allowed). Even if you return the items.

If you return the items twelve months or later, you will be required to pay the full replacement cost for the items, regardless of whether you are returning them.

Best to get them into the Library as soon as possible.

Now, because you were affected by Covid you can try appealing the fine. As that could be considered an extenuating circumstance.

All the best,


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