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Text and Data Mining of Publications

Text and Data Mining (TDM) is the process of automatically extracting large amounts of usable data with the objective of finding patterns or correlations to achieve new insights.

Australia does not have a TDM copyright exemption, therefore to legally use publishers' data it must be included in the licence terms and conditions.

Publishers that permit TDM

Publishers that allow TDM for non commercial purposes are noted in the Catalogue and include:

Most licences do not yet permit TDM at all and the publishers require researchers to individually request permission.

Open Resources for TDM

There are also open resources available.  These have variable terms and conditions which must be checked before embarking on a TDM project.  Resources include:

The Library Catalogue has many books and ebooks available on TDM which are continuously updated. More information about TDM can be obtained from the UTS Data Librarian